Nitro Mekatronik Otomotiv Bilişim has brought new perspectives to the sector in terms of diagnostics with nearly 10 years of experience. Our company that has a Center in Adana andBranch Office in İstanbul, with its expert staff and modern management system, has taken providing the same quality service all over Turkey from Izmir to Iğdır as a mission.

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Nitrobilişim who succeeded in becoming the leading company in the sector of diagnostic devices continues to increase the number of customers worldwide with its visionary staff. Furthermore, Nitro Bilisim through the instrument of its innovative system enhances the quality even further as Jaltest official distributor of Turkey.

With the help of the device we sell as Jaltest Turkey, you can perform several operations smoothly such as reading, deleting error codes, adaptations, scanning vehicle systems, viewing error codes, photo sensors and ECUs, find parts etc.

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Launch X431 Pro 3 Arıza Tespit Cihazı ile Neler Yapılabilir?

Launch PRO3 10.1 inch dokunmatik ekranı, geniş araç listesi, uzun şarj ömrü, araçlara hızlı bağlantı özelliği ile ön plana çıkmaktadır. Sizlere önceki modellere göre 3 kat daha hızlı diagnostik imkanı sunmakla birlikte gelişmiş diagnostik yazılımı sayesinde araçta tespit ettiğiniz arıza ile ilgili internet üzerinde araştırma yapabilirsiniz. Bu son derece profosyenel olan X431 PRO3 kısa sürede tüm kullanıcılarımızın beğenisini toplamıştır. Bazı araçlarla ilgili teknik dökümanları da diagnostik yazılımı üzerinden görüntüleyebilirsiniz. 

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2007 yılında kurulan Nitro bilişim arıza tespit cihazları firması, otomotiv sektöründe ülkemizin arıza tespit cihazlarını tanıması konusunda öncü firmasıdır. Türkiye’de Adana’da başlayan bu serüven, ilk başlarda önce saha elamanlarımızla Edirne’den Kars’a Trabzon’dan Kilis’e İzmir’den Iğdır’a kadar Türkiye’nin 7 bölgesinde siz değerli müşterilerimize daha iyi hizmet verebilmek için çalışarak geçti.

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Nitro Mekatronik Otomotiv Bilişim San.İht.İhr. Ltd.Şti. has brought new perspectives to the sector in terms of diagnostics with nearly 10 years of experience.
Our company that has a center in Adana and Branch Office in İstanbul, with its expert staff and modern management system, has taken providing the same quality service all over Turkey from Izmir to Iğdır as a mission.
Additionally, With our branch Office that opened in Istanbul Ikitelli organized Industrial Zone Europe doors were opened for our company.
We, as Nitro Bilişim provide technical support of the all the device we sell such as Automobile, Light commercial and heavy vehicle diagnostic tools, ECU programming tools and Accumulator test devices. Before and after the selling, our expert Staff has always assisted our valued customers.
Nitro Bilisim team, one of Turkey's leading companies in automotive electronics and diagnostic devices develops the fastest solutions for its customers with its expert 20 person’s team.
We, as Nitro Mekatronik Otomotiv Bilişim San. İth.İhr.Ltd.Şti., are the company that commercializes over 500 kinds of diagnostic devices to Turkey, Cyprus and the Middle East markets since 2009. And we are able to provide the technical support for all of the device that we sell.
At this point, our technical service department has the chance to intervene in a very short time from normal to the failures as if they were at the beginning of the vehicle thanks to the simulation systems developed by our technical service department.
You could examine these simulation systems via the internet.
On the other hand, Nitro group, which has established its dealer network in all regions of Turkey, aims to keep customer satisfaction high with its solution partners. We cover the Turkish, Cyprus and also middle east markets with our sub-dealer where we sell products in all regions of Turkey and Cyprus. Moreover, with the help of our fieldmen who are directly interested in our customers, we also make product overview and sale.
Currently, we as Nitro Group, are the Turkey distributor of Jaltest, Magicmotorsport, Launch, Ioterminal
SMOK, Autel, Autovei, Supervag, OBDplus
Additionally, Nitro Bilisim through the instrument of its innovative system enhances the quality even further by evaluating the feedback received from customers.
In addition to this, we have the opportunity to exhibit our products and works in the fairs and organizations we attended. Nitro Bilisim attended the Istanbul Automechanika Expo in 2014 for the first time and continued to the exhibition in the following years. Then our team exhibited our products at Cebit Bilişim fair and attended Automechanika 2014 Frankfurt fair with the visitors ' team.
Nitro Bilisim has made a presentation to all local and foreign visitors about its works in Automechanika Expo, which is the most comprehensive automotive exhibition in the world. After that, our team, which has participated in the Istanbul Automechanika fair in 2014, 2015, 2016.2017 and 2018, strengths its power every year. In addition to the diagnostic device, visitors attention was caught by projects, which are our own productions such as vehicle tracking device and ECU test device.
Nitro Bilisim, aware of its duties in terms of social responsibility, aims to provide employment for vocational and technical high schools students with their fields by the decision taken by the Board of Directors.
In line with this goal, our company has chosen Adana vocational high schools as a pilot region, has provided the training course for the technical high schools.
We also have arranged technical training course such as Magicmotosport ECU programming Course that was held between 26 Sep- 23 Dec 2017 in İstanbul and Cyprus and also Jaltest heavy vehicle diagnostic device training course that was held between 17 Dec 2017- 24 Feb 2018 in İstanbul and İzmir.


Our Turkey distributorships and solution partners

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The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Truck and Bus Control and Communications Subcommittee has developed a communication standard concerning the design and use of devices that provide communication between vehicle components via signals. The name of the protocol is SAE J1939 has quickly become the accepted standard at the market and the vehicle network selection for off-highway vehicles such as construction, mass transportation, duty machines, agricultural, marine and military vehicles.

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OBD stands for “On-Board Diagnostics.” It is a computer-based system originally designed to reduce emissions by monitoring the performance of major engine components.

On-Board Diagnostic Systems is started to be used to diagnose vehicle's engine failures by 1970s. 

After 1970s, the OBD which generally provided emission control, had become more complex in the 1990s  and started to diagnose and made the connection on vehicles in motor control, chassis, body and electronic systems.

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